11 Encouraging Quotes for Entrepreneurs Facing Challenges

Heike Young:

Being an entrepreneur can be thankless work. According to a recent report, top challenges for entrepreneurs include:

Growing revenue. Businesses employing between 11 and 100 workers cite this as their top challenge.

Increasing profit. “Companies with fewer than 50 employees struggle more than larger organizations to increase profit and sustain a viable cash flow,” the research explains.

Government regulations. Depending on the products or services you’re offering, it can be confusing to constantly self-check a new business for regulatory compliance.

These stressors combined with others — like not having a regular paycheck or healthcare — can make some small business owners feel like giving up.

Take heart. Plenty of other entrepreneurs have been in your shoes, and many of them have risen to great heights despite the hefty challenges they faced when first starting their business. Check out these 11 quotes selected specifically for entrepreneurs in need of inspiration.

Always handy to come across and share inspiration, and this collection of quotes is a nice collection.

Source: https://medium.com/grow-for-growing-companies/11-encouraging-quotes-for-entrepreneurs-facing-challenges-815758e13b94

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