Seven Properties of Effective Messages

John Collins:

The messages you send to customers need to work hard and work fast if they’re to engage with any real purpose. Attention is fleeting, your customers are busy and the swathes of digital detritus we’re hit with each and every minute are effortlessly filtered out.

Not only do messages need to be targeted if they’re to reach the right customer, they also need to be expertly crafted if they are going to produce the desired result.

Regardless of the type of message you’re sending – whether it’s a super-hyped product announcement or a gentle we haven’t seen you in a while mood appraiser – there are some fundamental characteristics every message should have.

We’ve identified seven unshakable tenets of message craft. Get these right from the get-go or everything that follows will be a waste of time.

Handy resource to keep in mind.


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