Must See JavaScript Dev Tools That Put Other Dev Tools to Shame

When I got into JavaScript, there was only one browser that mattered: NetScape. It dominated completely until Microsoft started shipping IE with the OS. In those days, the argument that JavaScript’s developer tools were weak was actually true.

But it hasn’t been true for a really long time, and today, JavaScript has the best dev tool ecosystem I’ve ever seen for any language.

Note that I didn’t say “the best IDE”. If you’re looking for a central IDE that unifies your entire dev tool experience, check out Microsoft’s Visual Studio for C#. Pair it with Unity for a good time. I don’t use it myself, but I have heard from people I trust that it’s pretty solid.

I have used C++ and the Unreal Game Engine. The first time I tried that, I realized that the web platform dev tools still had a long way to go.

But we’ve come a long way since then, and the tools we use now in JS make fancy IDE autocomplete look like a baby chew toy. In particular, JavaScript’s runtime tooling has no match that I’m aware of in any other language.


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