A couple nextgen features we’re excited about

With the NextGen release of Flybase right around the corner, there are a couple new features that have us excited.

And, they’re both kind of connected.

  1. We’re introducing a schema builder, that will let you define field types, set index types on fields such as unique, required, etc. Having indexes will let you better control your data, for example setting a field to unique will insure you don’t get duplicates, and setting a field to required is useful if you want to enforce having users authorized. You’ll be able to set this directly inside your dashboard.

  2. GraphQL, we wrote a post over a year ago about using GraphQL and Flybase together, and we’re going to actually be adding official GraphQL API support coming up soon. This will give your queries even more power!

GraphQL support is also where being able to set field types comes in handy.

There are a few other new features coming too, but those are the two I wanted to talk about first.

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