10 Reasons Your Startup Should Be Remote

Kevin Strasser:

While companies like Buffer, Automattic, and Basecamp are well known examples of a distributed or remote workforce —still too few companies operate this way.

It is a challenge for most technology workers to find a good full-time remote gig.

This is a huge opportunity for smart entrepreneurs and startups.

I consistently see tweets about workers trying to learn about who hires remote developers. People really want the freedom and perks that these jobs offer.

Here at Data McFly, we are big fans of remote working, it really helps you build a team that works well when you are not limited to location.

This post covered the top 10 reasons to build a remote startup pretty well. Also important is making sure all team members keep in touch regularly, this can be handled via tools such as Slack, where you can keep everyone updated on what you are working on at the time, we also use Google Hangouts for our weekly stand ups.

I’ve worked with other companies that have a good remote policy aside from the ones listed above, Twilio is a company that also has a good distributed team.

Source: https://medium.com/@kjstrasser/10-reasons-your-startup-should-be-remote-fe548abbcf85

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