Microservices, have you met… DevOps?

Jeff Sussna:

Numerous commentators have remarked that microservices trade code complexity for operational complexity.

Gary Oliffe referred to it as “services with the guts on the outside”. It is true that microservices potentially confront operations with an explosion of moving parts and interdependencies.

The key to keeping ops from being buried under this new-found complexity is understanding that microservices represent a new organizational model as much as a new architectural model. The organizational transformation needed to make microservices manageable can’t be restricted to development; instead, it needs to happen at the level of DevOps.

Flybase integrates nicely with microservices, so posts like this are definitely nice to share.

Source: https://medium.com/@OReillyMedia/microservices-have-you-met-devops-8a5a432c5900