Day: August 12, 2015

Client-side Facebook login with Flybase and Hello.js

This post has been deprecated in favour of our Flybase Auth library which combines the code featured in this post into a single javascript file for easier setup. I recently finished a pretty large tutorial that I’ll be publishing shortly that uses client-side login via Facebook and a few other social sites. Rather than building something from scratch, I decided to integrate the fantastic Hello.js library and it worked nicely. In the words of Andrew Dodson, the Hello.js developer: Hello.js is a client-side JavaScript SDK for authenticating with OAuth2 (and OAuth1 with a oauth proxy) web services and querying their

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Choosing the Right JavaScript Framework for the Job

John Hannah: If you’ve been following web development over the past few years, you will no doubt have noticed that JavaScript frameworks are an increasingly popular way to build web applications. Although there are many frameworks out there, four of them stand out: Backbone, AngularJS, Ember and React. Perhaps you’ve had a chance to experiment with one or two of these frameworks, but are still a little unsure about the best one to commit to mastering. Web development, particularly front-end development, has been moving at a blistering pace and there is constant pressure to add valuable new skills to your

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