Day: February 2, 2016

Promises and Joins and Tigers and Bears

Promises are a nice alternative to callbacks. They improve readability, simplify error handling, and decouple tasks into composable units. A Promise is a task that may not have finished yet. When a Promise’s task finishes successfully the Promise is resolved, otherwise it is rejected. You interact with a Promise by calling its then method with callbacks that should be executed when the Promise is fulfilled or rejected. Promises are entirely optional, but handy when you want to break out of what is commonly called callback hell. Here’s how you would normally make a call without promises: messagesRef.once(‘value’, function (data) {

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So Parse is closing, what does that mean?

Last week, announced that they were going away in a year, what does that mean for developers who are already using Parse? That means finding somewhere else to store your data. Flybase isn’t going anywhere, and we are continuing our roadmap to help developers build better apps. Since the announcement last week, we’ve had people contact us about importing their data from their Parse apps and setting up their Cloud Code. To help with this, we’ve made a Flybase adapter for Parse Server so data is stored on Flybase and the Parse client code stays the same, which means

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