5 ways not to pitch your product

I love how people are pitching me their product. But please, actually pitch YOUR PRODUCT!!

Ever since I discovered Product Hunt and began to actively hunt for cool new stuff, people have been pitching me their products.

After successfully launching Startup Stash and actually joining Product Hunt, this has increased significantly.

That’s ok, and fun, because I live for this sh*t. Discovering and trying out new products has always been a great part of my (online) life, and I love providing early feedback to makers.

But sometimes..
I get stuff like this:

“Our mobile app is available on the Google Play Store. The app itself is unique as it’s made to bridge the gap between demand and supply. We truly believe that it’ll change the way businesses and consumers connect — more importantly, it’ll take ‘Search’ to a whole new level.“

Pitching anyone your product should be short and clear. The example above is one of many I get which are too vague and not telling me anything about the product! So yeah..

Source: https://medium.com/@bramk/5-ways-not-to-pitch-your-product-a55ac940841b

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