AngelList launches Intros for Canada to give startups access to angels

AngelList has launched Intros for Canada to give more startups access to seed-stage funding through the network.

Intros will work like the first AngelList product launched in 2010, where companies could apply to be introduced to a curated list of angels.

“The Canadian market feels like the Valley 15 years ago. It is on the cusp of creating world-beating companies in AI, blockchain, and other technology fields,” said Naval Rakivant, co-founder of AngelList.

“Angel investing is one of the best ways for me to recycle knowledge and give back to the ecosystem.”

Interested companies must submit an application by August 30. After a 10-day application review, selected companies will be invited to a video interview with AngelList. If they pass the interview, they’ll be introduced to participating angels for a discussion on terms and investment.

AngelList first entered Canada with the initial launch of AngelList Syndicates in October 2016. Since then, startups like Drop, Inkbox, and have raised over $2 million on the platform.


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