Becoming a More Thoughtful User Experience Designer

A simple experience that opened my eyes to new possibilities took the form of a 170px smiley face. After a stressful day, I attempted to clear my inbox as a last-ditch effort to ease my mind. I had just downloaded the Gmail app and decided to use it instead of the standard Apple Mail app I had been using for years. I sifted through my emails and when the last one was archived, a little smiley face sun appeared with the text, “You’re all done! Please enjoy your day.” It was so unexpected, I couldn’t help but smile.

This detail was so simple, but it made me realize that the tiniest detail, even an unnecessary one, can have a huge impact on a user. This detail came from a designer who realized that dealing with a full inbox can be stressful. To counter this, they injected a bit of fun into the experience and rewarded me when a task was completed (clearing my inbox). They could have just showed me a blank screen or a simple “no emails” message. But they didn’t, they added that little something extra. And it made me happy.

User Experience has been one of our focus points here as we get ready to launch and posts like this one are fun to share.


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