Building Production-Ready CSS Grid Layouts Today

Industries often experience evolution less as slow and steady progress than as revolutionary shifts in modality that change best practices and methodologies seemingly overnight. This is most definitely true for front-end web development. Our industry thrives on constant, aggressive development, and new technologies emerge on a regular basis that change the way we do things in fundamental ways.

Today, we are in the early stages of such a revolutionary shift, brought about by CSS Grid Layout. Much of what we know of the possibilities, limitations and best practices surrounding web layouts is effectively rendered obsolete by this new layout module, and in their place we find new possibilities, limitations and best practices that will take us into the next era of web design.

Much has already been said about the technical aspects of CSS grid and its one-dimensional cousin flexbox by people smarter than me. In this article, I want to bring these concepts into practical use. What you’ll get is a starting point for exploring what new layout opportunities and challenges CSS grid brings, what old problems it solves and how to start using the module in production websites today.

We’ve been adopting CSS grid here as we redo our home page and love it, so wanted to share this post.


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