Customer Size Dictates Your Sales Strategy

Russ Thau:

Consumer products are sold off the shelf with minimal customization and the same is happening in software.

That’s quite a change for someone like me who has spent 15 years selling to enterprise businesses and learning how to work for sales-driven organizations. A common refrain when talking to the product team in the early days of my career was: “I sold it, now go build it.”

It’s a breath of fresh air working for a product-driven company like Intercom. And it’s certainly a new experience working with a research team who join salespeople on calls to truly understand our customers.

With all these changes in the space, including the continuing fall in average deal sizes, I’ve found that many of my colleagues have a background in consumer products. As a result there’s been many internal discussions about what are the fundamental differences between a B2C company and a B2B company these days?

Interesting post, worth reading for any product-driven company.


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