Flybase and Ionic

With mobile internet traffic rocketing every day, web developers are extremely interested in converting their Web App into a Mobile App. But which Mobile Platform to choose? iOS, Android, or Windows? Or one of the platforms invented more recently, like FirefoxOS, WebOS, or Tizen?

Developing native apps for all of these platforms is impossible without large dedicated teams, which is why Ionic was created: to enable web developers to build a single app codebase that can be deployed for all of these platforms.

Here at Flybase, we love building apps with the Ionic framework, and we use it heavily on various apps for ourselves as well as clients so we thought we’d put together a little github project that can be used as a starting point.

Soon, we’ll have several different projects included, but the current project is called ionic-seed which is a straight forward version of the usual Ionic seed project.

Pets are displayed live via Flybase, and people can fill out a form to become adopters, this form then sends data back to Flybase.

The next project we’re including is a handy push notification project, but I thought we’d start with the seed first since it’s a common starting point for Ionic apps.

This should be looked at as one more tool for your toolbelt that you can use to build awesome Flybase-powered apps.


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