From Jekyll to Ghost

We’ve just migrated this blog from Jekyll where it’s been running on Github Pages for the past two years to Ghost.

We still love Jekyll, but we really like the simplicity, writing experience and speed that Ghost offers

It’s been an interesting move, and not much has changed for readers, only for us, the editors.

First of all, we’re using the same modified version of Ghost that we use for Coded Geekery, including the front matter app that we use there, this lets us keep our posts formatted mostly the same way they were in Jekyll, complete with the links in the front matter.

The links stayed the same, so no 301 (or 302) redirects were needed.

We were already storing our images on S3 so that never changed anything either.

The biggest piece was moving all our markdown files into a ghost import file. We started with the node-jekyll-to-ghost export tool, and modified it to keep the front matter in the markdown and to include support for tags, then we imported the posts into Ghost, and modified our template to work with Ghost / handlebars vs the Jekyll / liquid format previously used.

As the one who does most of the writing, I like this move. It gives us an actual CMS to use for writing and will help improve our work flow and get more articles out to you.

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