How Slack built a well loved product going against Peter Thiel and app fashion

I enjoy watching companies do fantastically well against the grain. It is the opposite of schadenfreude, and although the Germans may not have a word for it the budhists have the concept: mudita.

One example as of late is Slack. We were incredibly early adopters when we jumped from Campfire to it a long time ago. Its valuation growth has been astounding and we love the product.

Here are two lessons of Slack’s early success that buck the trend

We are big users of Slack here at Data McFly, and even have its integrations plugged into other services so we keep it all in one place.

One of the last paragraphs of this post is especially worth keeping in mind:

It is very humbling to be reminded that although I care deeply about the craft of software development, you shouldn’t get too anal about every aspect and instead should focus on the quality of the product. I am sure the Slack team cares deeply about many parts of the software process, and it is working for them.


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