How to fix errors in production with GitHub and Sentry

Sometimes bugs slip through even the most diligent of code reviews. Putting out fires can disrupt your flow, forcing you to comb through logs and user-submitted screenshots. In the meantime, your users are left with an enigmatic 500 page. To help your team get from error to fix as efficiently as possible, try Sentryan open source project under the BSD license. Sentry alerts you to the problematic line of code, pinpoints the commit and author likely responsible, and lets you resolve the error by including fixes ISSUE_ID in your commit message.

It starts with an overlooked edge case during an otherwise routine deploy. When a new deploy introduces an error, your team gets alerted and kicks off the familiar workflow of triaging, assigning, reproducing, and, finally, fixing the error. Sentry integrates neatly into your GitHub development flow, providing you with timely information and the rest of your team with visibility into every step.

We make extensive use of both Sentry and GitHub here at Flybase so when I came across this blog post on the GitHub blog, I wanted to share it.


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