Intercom on Customer Support

Today we released our third book, Intercom on Customer Support. It explains how we think about customer support, and the principles we applied as we scaled our team to support over 8,000 customers in 85 countries.

Like our previous two books, this is not a laundry list of tips & tactics. We start with the principles and look at customer support from three angles: starting and scaling a team, planning the quality of support you deliver, and ensuring support has a positive relationship with other teams in the company.

Quality customer support is a competitive advantage, not a cost, and the sooner your business realizes that, the better you’ll fare. It’s our hope that this book will help you deliver it. Obviously we think you should use our customer support product to deliver it, but as always this book is both tool and tactic agnostic.

Interesting reading, go download a copy now.


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