Jeff Lawson: Your strategy’s last message to developers

Jeff Lawson, the CEO of

Good foundations are crucial for builders. In the startup ecosystem, those builders are software developers. And when they want to build upon platform components, they seek out APIs with foundations they can trust.

Scalability, reliability and security are a great start, but when developers choose an API they’re trusting that the company is fully committed to its platform and  — most importantly —  that the platform has the power to endure. Developers are the people on the front lines of innovation, and their trust is not earned, or regained, easily.


APIs are a long commitment. Once you build them, they take time for developers to adopt and grow into revenue. You don’t put your enterprise sales team in the field and start closing $10M deals on launch day. You seed developers with ideas, you help them find use cases, and after developers build, you watch their apps go from prototypes, to betas, to production systems with happy customers. It requires patience and deep commitment, but when developers succeed with your API, you succeed.

This is true for us as well, one of the coolest things about Flybase is showing people what they can build and watching what people build with it.

We’ve done our best to give our users a platform they can trust. It makes us happy to see what they build with our service and to show them ideas that they can use to build with it as well.

We’ve also been lucky in that we’ve managed to over zero downtime since we launched over a year ago, our API has withstood traffic, user growth, and has continued to scale up. We’ve actually had more than 3629 hours of uptime on our API alone, and the only recorded downtime since October was actually a missed ping from our monitor at uptime robot (noticable by the 00 hours and 00 minutes). That was a missed ping, and not actual downtime. But we still jumped to make sure all was good when the alert sounded.

There are several others who can’t say the same thing in terms of uptime.

For us, the Flybase API is our business, and we continue to improve both the API and the clients every day to give a better over all experience. We’re not a business that offers a real-time API, we’re a real-time API that offers a business, and one which you can use to rapidly grow your business ideas.


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