Joel Gascoigne on not shielding your team from bad news

Joel Gascoigne:

I think there’s an interesting concept that’s prevalent, which I believe could actually be quite dangerous. It’s the idea that as a CEO or executive of a company, you need to shield your team from bad news, the risks of a startup, and other negative aspects that are inevitable on the startup journey.

One of our core values at Buffer is to Default to Transparency. This means absolutely everything in the company is shared knowledge. It was scary at first, not least because the idea goes very much against the grain. I found myself hesitating, not because I genuinely could think of reasons not to share, but simply because no one else shares some of the things we’ve shared.

We’re firm believers in Transparency as well here at Data McFly. I’ve seen companies that didn’t believe in this and it’s caused more than a few issues among the team members in the company.


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