Lyndon Johnson on Building a PR strategy for your start up

Scared of saying the wrong thing, resulting in unwanted spotlight from an unintentional blunder? The chances of showing up on the trend list on Twitter are lower than you think. PR specialist Lyndon Johnson warns entrepreneurs about being too risk averse, and the real damages done by acting without caution.

“Blunders are strange. People think there’s a huge risk in doing something that will embarrass the company or individuals or upset customers. The blunder I see more often than not is people trying to activate relationships before they’ve built them, to the point where they’re randomly shouting at people, ‘do this, help me, buy this product’ before they have the relationship in place.”

Lyndon Johnson is the Founder and Strategic PR Specialist behind the platforms ThinkDifferent[LY] and Comms.Bar. He moved to Toronto Canada from the UK, marking the creation of his first public relations business. Lyndon saw an opportunity to innovate public relations and created his company to embody such innovation as well as tailor it towards modern business. More recently, his work in redefining how companies value and define public relations continues with his new platform, Comms.Bar.

In this week’s #StartupPodcast, host Rivers Corbett talks to Lyndon about his unique approach to PR, his approach to helping his clients, and the stories behind what drove him to create his business.

I like catching episodes of the Startup Canada Podcast, and this one has been particularly interesting.


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