Moving Forward

Walt Disney:

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

This quote is actually one of the points of inspiration that we keep around here at the Data McFly office, it’s actually been one of the inspirational quotes I’ve held onto since I started in software development 15 years ago, and it’s helped drive forward a lot of the things I’ve built.

What made me think of this quote was a discussion I was having recently with a friend regarding what inspired building Data McFly as a Real-Time API, as I get ready to speak about Real-Time APIs at Future Insights Live next month in Las Vegas.

The story of Data McFly has been told several times, but ironically, the first version of the API that would become Data McFly was originally built just before I attended Future Insights Live two years ago.

Back then, we were calling the API DataGarde, and it was in use on various apps built for both clients and also for ourselves on our own projects. That name never really sat well with us, and so we continued working on other names.

Finally, when we decided to launch our API as an actual service for other developers, we happened to decide on Data McFly and it’s stuck ever since.

Now, two years later, Data McFly is out in the public, and we’re seeing users signing up and using it to power their own apps every day. And the types of apps we see people building never cease to amaze and inspire. We’ve seen our users using Data McFly to build call centers, real-time games, collaboration tools, analytics products, and much more; all things that were more difficult to do with existing technology.

Our goal with Data McFly has been to enable developers to build higher quality apps in a fraction of the time it used to take, and we are always continuing to improve what we offer to help developers do this.

We’ve got a few announcements coming shortly that will show you exactly how we want to help developers build apps even faster.

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