Our Blog Setup

I’ve gotten a few questions asking how our blog system works. Our blog works off of a heavily modified version of the excellent Camel.js blog engine written by Casey Liss.

Some of the variations we’ve made is adding support for linked posts, adding XML sitemaps for SEO and we’ve also changed a few other things. Up next, we plan to introduce tagging for post organization which will be released in the next couple weeks.

We write our posts using a Dropbox deployment, we have a shared posts folder where we update posts and then when ready to go live, we deploy via Heroku where this blog is hosted.

Images are usually hosted either via Droplr or directly via Dropbox, and we’ve also set up Embed.ly to handle embedding videos or any other supported oEmbed feature.

Overall, we’re happy with how this blog works, it’s been running smoothly for over three months and it’s set up in a process we can work with easily.

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