Recommended Reading: The Customer Support Handbook

How do you hire the best support team? What’s the best use of social media for support and service? Should we apologize for the inconvenience? The web’s leading experts are ready to share our answers and experience with everyone, plus share stories and radical advice for building your own exceptional customer experience. In The Customer Support Handbook, leaders in customer support bring their stories of brand failures, triumphs and best practices for support on the web. Finally, all you need to create your own amazing support team in one handy-dandy manual.

If you’re a CEO Or Founder: This book is your primer on the future of customer support – not just offering transactional service but intentionally striving to make your company’s customer service the new gold standard. Learn about the importance of engaging your customer support team with your product development, how to really measure customer happiness, and why you should be investing in your support staff as your top rung employees.

If you’re a customer support professional: This book is your validation, your reminder that what you do for a living is an important part of product development and the future of the web. Learn tips and tricks for offering the best customer support possible, including example replies for tough questions, recommendations on better language and tone to use in social media, and advice on handling difficult customers.

“Customer service is no longer just a job but a bonafide career path, and this book is your undergraduate degree.” – Richard White, Founder and CEO of UserVoice

This book came up in a conversation a couple weeks ago at the AWS re:Invent conference, I recommended it to a couple people and they loved it.

Sarah Hatter has been involved in customer support for years and has taken her experience and placed it in book form so everyone can learn from it. We’ve been using this book as we build our support system and have it on the reading list for everyone involved in Data McFly infrastructure to read.


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