Rick Spence on the Innovation Race

“It’s not just a job. It’s a way of thinking. It’s a way of living your life.”

This is how Rick Spence describes entrepreneurship. He should know. He has been writing about entrepreneurship and innovation for over 25 years. He currently contributes to the National Entrepreneurship Column in the Financial Post and is writing a book for veterans on entrepreneurship. Spence has interviewed many of the most successful innovators in Canada.

There is a particular mindset that Spence believes will help grow the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“We’ve got to create confidence in people so that they can make a difference.” In this edition of the Startup Canada Podcast with Rivers Corbett, Spence explains why Canada needs more entrepreneurs willing to make an impact, what traits are needed to be successful, and what support is needed for Canada to compete in innovation.

Being Canadian, we’re fans of of what Startup Canada represents and this weekly podcast is something I listen to every week.

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