The Curse of Knowledge

“Uh, it’s off Airport Road. You should be able to get there from Umstead. I think or, or maybe go up to Estes?”

I paused again. I was confusing the person asking me for directions more than I was confusing myself.

What was the matter with me?

I grew up in Chapel Hill and went to college there. I lived there for over a decade. I was a local.

And when a stranger asked me for directions, I couldn’t tell them.

I stammered over and over, and told them they might need to ask someone else or look at their phone.

Was something wrong with me?

Being a coder who writes with the goal of everyone understanding your writing, this is something I’ve had to deal with on many occasions. Regardless of if we’re answering customer support emails or writing tutorials, we always keep this in mind to try to keep the experience easier for all.

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