The Grind vs The Pivot

Fred Wilson:

Everyone knows what a pivot is. You launch something, it fails to get product market fit, so you change direction and launch something different. There are many examples of successful pivots. Flickr, Twitter, Slack, and Kik all came out of pivots.

But there is another approach to finding product market fit and I call it the “Grind.” The Grind is when you launch something, it fails to get product market fit, and you grind on it, week after week, month after month, year after year, until it does. Usually the entrepreneur who chooses The Grind is obsessed with the problem they are trying to solve and can’t let it go. This tenacity is often rewarded if everyone is patient enough.

I’m an avid reader of Fred’s blog and when this post came across my rss reader this morning, I had to share it.

Myself, I’ve always been a grinder, I see a need for something and I build it and push it out.

With Data McFly, instead of jumping into something too quickly, we’ve stopped to build a service that we know people can use. We’ve actually spent the past year building the platform under various project code names and now are about to launch the full service to the public.


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