The Internet Of Things Is Invisible

If you’ve been reading, or Forbes, you might be under the impression that the Internet of Things is some sort of fad, like Orbits Juice, Pogs or the Sham Wow, when in reality the Internet of Things is a paradigm shift in user interface – like when video killed the radio star and Google became the biggest advertiser in the world.

Studies by the Acquity Group and Nielsen found that consumers aren’t very aware of the Internet of Things and they aren’t planning on buying any new connected devices.

The Acquity Group found that “only 13 per cent of homeowners planned on owning an in-home IoT device such as a thermostat or in-home security camera.”

Meanwhile Nielsen’s study further detailed consumer confusion with, “92 per cent of the respondents said it’s very difficult to pinpoint what they’d want from smart objects.”

Forbes went as far as to title an article The Internet of Things Has An Enthusiasm Gap, and published Move Over Big Data, Here Comes the Internet of Things or Not.

But for Spencer Saunders, President of Art & Science Digital Experience Design in Toronto, the Internet of Things is a new set of options – it is a whole new medium.

“The first thing to consider about the Internet of Things is to think of it as a channel,” explained Saunders. “We are already seeing some innovative uses of where objects are connected to social media, like vending machines being connected to Twitter; an agency named wonderMakr here in Toronto are working on a couple of those.”

Betakit has an interesting article here where they look at the current status of The Internet of Things.

We’ve been working with a few clients on a few Internet of Things projects that we’ll be talking about later, so the timing of this article was pretty coincidental.


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