The Tools We Use (Our favourite hardware)

Tools are an important part of our workday, aside from servers, we have to be able to work with code, answer emails, take part in video hangouts with customers, and everything else that can come up.

My main workstation here at Data McFly is a 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina, it gets used daily for working on Data McFly projects, writing articles, hosting video conferences and building apps for clients.

My secondary laptop is my Acer C720P Chromebook, which I’ve talked about before on here a few times. This is a handy machine and does just about everything I need to do when the MacBook is charging and I’m working away from my desk.

Finally, on my actual desk, I keep a modified ASUS M004U Chromebox, which has upgraded RAM and hard drive and is dual booted between ChromeOS and Ubuntu.

The Chromebox gets used mostly for hosting our internal dashboard that is always running and displays information such as sign ups, tickets, scheduled events, what’s being worked on when and by whom, daily visits, popular blog posts on this blog, and whatever else we feel needs to fit on one monitor.

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