Want a better pitch? Watch this

Andy Raskin:

Three weeks ago, the CMO of a San Francisco startup backed by A-list investors emailed me about her new sales deck.

“It lacks oomph,” she said. “The information is there. The slides look great. But we’re not telling a compelling story. Can you help?”

One of my favorite things is helping entrepreneurs craft better pitches — for fundraising, sales, recruiting, whatever. I was busy with other projects and couldn’t start immediately, so I sent a link to the man on the CMO’s team who built the deck — a guy named Zack.

Five days later, the CMO texted me:

“Andy, what did you send Zack? Because his deck got a lot better. Kind of like night and day.”

If you need to give presentations of any type, then this is a handy set of guidelines to follow.

Source: https://medium.com/firm-narrative/want-a-better-pitch-watch-this-328b95c2fd0b

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