Why Email Isn’t Going Away

John Collins:

Why do we still spend so much time on email? Unloved by users, generation after generation of startups have tried to sound its death knell. But no matter how often it’s death is predicted it just doesn’t go away.

Initially hailed for allowing us to communicate globally for minimal cost, a killer app in the 90s, email is now considered a chore.

The more organized of us block out time in our diary to tackle it, but also to ensure the rest of our day is not interrupted by the drip of new messages into our inbox. We’re told that the goal should be inbox zero as if wrestling with messages is a competitive activity where we need to keep score.

Little wonder we are so quick to embrace anything that promises to remove email from our lives.

Email isn’t going anywhere for a long time. Here at Data McFly, we use email for handling support, sending out regular newsletters and just straight forward regular communications.

Internally, we use Stack and Hangouts for most of our communications, but when it comes to talking to clients, we generally use email, Hangouts and phone.

We even use Hangouts for support, scheduling a screen sharing session with clients to help them work out any problems they may be having.

Source: http://blog.intercom.io/why-email-isnt-going-away

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