You Have a Great Tech Idea. Now What?

Frank Landman, writing for ReadWriteWeb:

There are seemingly countless stories of tech innovators who simply woke up with a brilliant idea, got investments to build it out, and ended up becoming billionaires.

Of course, these stories are extremely rare, but they are exciting to think about—especially when you wake up with a brilliant tech idea of your own.
You don’t need much experience in the tech field to have a good tech idea. For example, you could have come up with the idea for Uber without an in-depth knowledge of how to build it out, or you could have come up with the idea for eBay with just a passing knowledge of how auctions work.

So let’s say you do come up with a great tech idea and you want to share it with the world. Should you let it go, assuming it’s either already been done or isn’t possible to do, or should you take some steps to see that idea to fruition?

Frank has some nice ideas in this article that are worth reading.


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