To help discover what you can do with Flybase, we are writing a series of short books, each focusing on one specfic topic, from building a social news site, to mobile apps to a book dedicated to building a call center.

Learn to use Node.js, Flybase and Twilio to build real-time solutions from sending daily SMS messages, building an SMS call center or building a full-on browser-based call center to make and receive phone calls.

With Real-time Twilio, We've assembled our top posts about Twilio and Flybase, expanded on them to go into even deeper detail and released it as a new feature ebook.

Real-time Twilio is your guide to using Node.js, and Twilio to create solutions in real-time from:

  • Sending daily SMS messages
  • Building an SMS call center to provide support to users
  • Building a call center to handle incoming and outgoing phone calls from the browser.
  • Build a group calling system to let groups send messages to each other, handy for managing events.
  • Buiilding a Live blogging system
  • Building a real-time Call Tracking Dashboard

More to come

As we write our other books, we will add them here so stay tuned, and feel free to check out our Blog for more resources!

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