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The Bezos way: sleep, puttering, and three high-quality decisions a day

Dan Kim on “The Bezos way“: Jeff Bezos has always been one of those people whose ideas and thinking make a lot of sense to me. When he talks, I listen. So when I recently came across a fantastic interview with Jeff Bezos, I jumped right in. The entire interview is great and I really think watching the whole thing is worth your time. But there was one section that really stuck out to me: his prioritization of sleep, calm, and quality. It’s 2 minutes and 29 seconds of your day well spent, but here’s the basic gist: 8 hours of

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Replacing The User Story With The Job Story

I’ve written about the problem with user stories before. At the time, I found it better to just have the team talk over proposed changes to the product. This worked great when the team had gelled and the product is very mature; however, now I’m working with a new team and building a product from scratch. In this case, because our canvas is blank, we are having trouble getting on the same page when it comes to customer motivations, events and expectations. But today, things have turned around. I’ve come across a great way to use the jobs to be

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The Art of Effective Planning: Avoid Wasted Time and Stress

Jason Lengstorf: Do You Know the Risks of Poor Planning? Without a plan, you’re hoping. You hope you understood what your boss wanted. You hope this feature is necessary. You hope this is what the client meant by “make it pop”. You hope you’ll find a way to wrap up this article coherently. I’ve known Jason for a few years now and thought this was a post worth sharing. Here at Data McFly, we plan out what we are doing each day from writing on this blog, or the book, to code updates. From experience elsewhere over the years, we’ve

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