Rapid MVP

You have an app idea, a team, and you’re ready to build. Now the one key step that’s often forgotten is to hyperfocus on a Rapid MVP and nothing else.

Just the core and nothing more.

First-time entrepreneurs (and sometimes even experienced ones) waste an enormous amount of time by trying to have every feature in their app. They write 100,000 lines of code and take a year to build their app; when in reality it could have just taken a week and 10,000 lines of code. Promising projects are abandoned due to this, and as such, even derivative ideas never get to see the light of day.

Good coders code, great re-use.

Through the power of the open source community, a Rapid MVP can utilize a majority of its codebase from free, MIT-licensed, open source work (namely from GitHub). By doing so, this saves an outrageously-large portion of time that you’d otherwise spend trying to re-invent the wheel for a given piece of functionality. For example, do you want your app to send out beautiful-looking emails to users, (and have them look great in all the email clients like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo)? Don’t waste your time trying to build this, when you could simply re-use a proven project in the wild!

Get on track and start running.

You need a solid pair of running shoes; you need to pick the right project starter or boilerplate for your codebase. Which project starter do you choose? What do you search for? Which one is best for building a Rapid MVP with? How sexy does it need to look? Which one will make you go from 0-60 in 0-60 days?

Try FIT Stack as your project starter.

At Flybase, we are core contributors to the open source Node.js project starter called the FIT Stack. It has been used by us dozens of times for internal tools and client projects. It is fast, it is performant, it is what we recommend for building a hyperfocused Rapid MVP. For example, in just 3 days we built Sidegig.me, a beautifully designed virtual assistant experience using FIT Stack. This Node.js boilerplate framework is simple, yet allows for complexity. It’s opinionated, but allows great flexibility. The project code base is maintainable and lightweight; it is not monolithic. Adaptation for any project is easy as FIT Stack can power almost everything (e.g. an API, shopping carts, subscription-based SaaS, social networks)

Get started today with your project.

Using FIT Stack, as a boilerplate for fast development, gives developers the running shoes that they need for speed and performance. If you have any questions about how to use FIT Stack for building a Rapid MVP (or want to see more of our work using it), then please get in touch or file an issue on GitHub!

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