Flybase works with React as a powerful backend-as-a-service that provides out-of-the-box login, push notifications, React Native integration and so much more.

Here at Flybase, we love React, and React Native. So for us, giving you, our users, the smoothest React / React Native integration you can have is important.

Flybase's Real-Time Database Communication enables instant updates to charts, counters, logs, and other data-driven elements – all without a callback to the server. And it’s completely secure, with SSL encryption and total control over data access.

Powerful query engine

Perform queries against your data and customize what users see.

//	Get posts with a likes count of greater than 10:
flybase.where({"likes": {"$gt": 10}}).on('value', function(data){
	data.forEach( function( snapshot ){
		console.log( snapshot.value() );

Real-time custom events

Listen for and trigger real-time messages and events.

//	or trigger a custom event
flybase.on("custom_event", function(message) {
	console.log( message );

flybase.trigger("custom_event", "Hi")

Flybase provides a rich set of out-of-the-box security and user management features, including social login (such as Facebook and Google+) and more.

All of your data is transferred over a secure SSL connection with a 2048-bit certificate. Database access and validation is controlled using our API key rules.

API Keys

Flybase allows you to restrict reading and writing via custom access controls, authentication and IP whitelisting.

Access to apps are controlled by API keys that are granted with a certain set of permissions. API keys determine which apps you can access and what you can do with them. They must be created from inside your account.

A default API key is automatically created and available for you in your application dashboard.


API keys grant a different set of permissions according to their level of privileges:

  • Admin: allow any operation on an application
  • Read-Only: give only read access to an app as well as the ability to create new documents
  • API Keys can be whitelisted to allow access from certain domains or IP addresses only

On top of that, all data is replicated and backed up to multiple secure locations.

Flybase allows you to grow effortlessly from prototype to large-scale production. We scale every element of your backend, including the database, in a way that is completely transparent to you.

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