Migrate easily from Parse to Flybase

Parse.com is going away, what do you do now?

The announcement of Parse.com's impending shutdown was a shock to all of us. But you still need a way to store your data easily and sync with devices right?

Let Flybase help you with that. Our experts are standing by to help move your data from your parse account to your Flybase account, and to help set up your cloud code with parse server.

How to export from Parse?

1. First, go to your Parse.com dashboard

2. Click on « App Settings ».

3. Then select « General »

4. Scroll down and click on « Export data » button.

5. If everything goes well, you will receive an email containing a .zip with all your data in a set of JSON files.

How to import to Flybase?

The exported JSON can be imported using our Parse to Flybase tool, which parses all your JSON files and imports it into your Flybase app, this is a fork of our usual Flybase import tool, as we wanted to make sure it fully supported Parse's exports for you.

$ npm install parse2flybase

$ parse2flybase --flybase_key API-KEY --flybase-app Test --flybase_collection Stuff --json test.json

All data at Test/Stuff will be overwritten.
Press <enter> to proceed, Ctrl-C to abort.

Reading /Users/roger/test.json... (may take a minute)
Preparing JSON for import... (may take a minute)
Importing [=================================================] 100% (9431/9431)
Import completed.

And that's it, you've imported your Parse.com data into Flybase, now it's just a matter of switching your app to use Flybase instead.

You can try our Tutorial to see how easy it is to get started, check out our Developer Docs for any questions you have, or contact us and we'll be glad to help you migrate your data and code from Parse to Flybase

What About My Cloud Code that's on Parse now?

We can help you migrate your cloud code to run in a node.js app, with Flybase as your backend. We've actually built a version of the Parse Server to run cloud code while using Flybase to store data, so that your existing code doesn't change at all. Get in touch with us about setting this up for you.

What About Push Notifications and Parse Hosting

We can migrate your existing Push notifications and parse hosting solutions to a new setup, with data stored in your Flybase and complete with Parse Cloud Code.

Need migration support?

Please feel free to contact us to answer any questions you have about moving your data from Parse to Flybase and how our experts can help facilitate that migration as smoothly as possible..

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