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We take care of the backend work so you can focus on your users and save time building your apps and sites.

Why Flybase?

Store & Sync Data in Real-Time​

Focus on creating mind blowing user experiences and forget complex infrastructure.. Design, build, and scale real-time web and mobile apps in minutes instead of days using client-side code and our powerful API

Why just save your data when you can sync it instantly?

Keep your client applications in sync and avoid needless refreshes with Flybase's real-time capabilities. Whenever data changes, apps built with Flybase update instantly across every device -- regardless of platform. It's easy to listen for and respond to changes in your app, with Flybase's rich Events model.

Build unique backend services

Flybase can move data to and from your own backend services to give you complete control. Use our server-side helper libraries, or our highly-flexible REST API to talk between Flybase and your existing backend services. Host your own services or use providers like Heroku, AWS or Azure to mirror your data, perform analytics, validate changes and more. Flybase also works great with other services like Twilio and

Total data protection

Our number one priority is keeping your data safe and secure. Flybase allows you to restrict reading and writing via custom access controls, authentication and IP whitelisting. On top of that, all data is replicated and backed up to multiple secure locations.

Expert care and support

Thoughtful, timely support from real developers is why our users love us. Stuck on finding a tricky solution for your app? Our experts can help you find a custom solution to keep your users happy.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

With Flybase’s API, you can save data, update data, or listen for data changes in real-time all with only a few lines of code.

We store all data as standard JSON, which is accessible from any platform using our handy helper libraries or our hyper-flexible REST API

Simple to use, but packs a lot of power

Keep all of your client applications in sync and avoid needless refreshes with Flybase’s real-time capabilities.

It’s easy to listen for and respond to changes in your app.

With Flybase’s rich events model, it’s easy to validate, secure, and scope real-time messages to specific users or groups.

Query your data using advanced queries too

Perform queries against your data and customize what users can see.

For example, to get posts with a likes count of greater than 10, you would perform a query as shown to the right

Want to build that MVP you’ve always had your eye on?

Talk to us about using Flybase and working with you to build your apps, our experts know Flybase better than anyone (we built it after all) and can help you and your team build that web or mobile app.

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