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Keeping data synced across multiple devices, people and apps is hard. Flybase was created out of the many lessons that have been learnt while building and scaling online services.

The first API that would eventually grow into what Flybase is now was originally developed in 2013, when after making yet another mobile app and API for a client, we realized that we were basically making the same API for each client, the difference was the data. We were building the same API for each app, and changing the data being used to match what was needed.

From there, grew a large, almost overwhelming desire to build a universal, flexible API that could be used on any type of app to handle data storage and synchronize in real-time across multiple devices.

Fast forward to now, and Flybase is helping thousands of developers quickly and easily build apps in double time, with the Flybase cloud servers acting as their app’s backend.

It doesn't matter if you are a developer in a big company or a small startup, we want to help you build software that is both fun to write and a joy to use. Our easy-to-use API lets developers store data that is automatically synchronized to the Flybase cloud servers; and from our servers to any other clients that are listening for changes on that data.

This allows for rapidly building fast data-driven software that updates in real-time across multiple devices.

Where Are You Guys Located?

Flybase is a Canadian-owned company and proud of it. We are also a remote company with people spread out all over, but our primary HQ is located in Penticton, deep in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia, Canada.

We are around a 40 minute plane right from Vancouver, Seattle or Calgary and love this location for being the most unique climate in Canada.

Surrounded by hundreds of wineries, this is one of the few places in the country where you can go skiing on a Saturday morning in the mountains and Paddle boarding at the lake in the afternoon.

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