How To Make Sense Of Customer Feedback

Sian Townsend, writing on Inside Intercom:

What customer feedback should you listen to? And how do you go about making sense of it?

First, it’s important to understand that even after you’ve weeded out aspirational, hypothetical and third party statements, the feedback that remains is unlikely to be all of equal value. Here are some important additional filters you can apply to help you decide which feedback is most important

Sian has broken her list down into 6 important factors to look at when addressing customer feedback:

  1. Who’s Giving The Feedback Matters
  2. Whether It’s Prompted Or Unprompted Feedback Matters
  3. Motivations Matter
  4. Volume Matters
  5. Repetition Matters
  6. The Stakes Matter

I won’t go into what each means, you should read her blog post to learn more about that. It’s a good post so go ahead and read it now. ツ

We follow a lot of the practices she’s mentioned here, why is why I found it share worthy and informative.

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