Manage Your Data With Indexes

We’ve mentioned before about our roll out of nextgen features, and we are
starting to roll these out now.

We’ve rolled out the queues, and now this week we’ve launched our schema builder.

This is a very basic schema builder, after you’ve added a few records to a collection, you can set rules for each field, such as
field types (number, string or mixed), index rules such as unique or required (or unique and required).

This gives you more control over your data, and also cuts down on doing things like searching to see if a record exists before adding it, now you just save it and that was it.

Some other rules will be coming shortly, followed by our new GraphQL API which is shaping up beautifully and is in testing with a few users now. Then we’ll be launching the rest of our nextgen features, but we are rolling these out one by one so that people can play with them as they roll out and not have a ton of new features hit them at once.

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