The Road Coders Survival Kit

Rob Spectre road this post for the Twilio Blog, a little over a year ago, but it’s something that holds true here for the Data McFly crew as we hit the road for conferences such as Future Insights Live this week.

Your friendly neighborhood Twilio developer evangelism crew racks up a fair amount of road time around the world in our continuing mission to see the incredible stuff you all build.

In addition to accumulating buckets of frequent flyer miles, mapping power outlets in every airport from LHR to SFO and taste testing the entire menu from Buffalo Wild Wings, we’ve also collected in our travels a bag of products that are essential to anyone trying to cut code on the road.

Road coding is not easy – cramped screen real estate, scavenging for decent wifi and coping with your devices’ insatiable thirst for electricity can wreck concentration and shred context.

This isn’t a list officially endorsing or promoting anything for the affiliate green – these are just some products we dig. If you’re pounding pavement while pushing commits, we’ve found this gear that will help you stay sane and productive while traveling.

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