Top books every Customer Success Manager should read

Nicole Rashied, customer success manager at Intercom:

Customer success – every business wants to invest in it but only a few know what it actually entails or how to do it well.

There are a lot of words that get thrown around with customer success: problems to be solved, implementation, product experts, expansion, strategic partners, technical advisors, proactive versus reactive. But what does all this really mean, and how will it help us help our customers be more successful?

The most effective way I’ve found to deepen my expertise as a customer success manager, to cut through the jargon to real, practical advice, is through reading. Reading can be a magical way – and no, I’m not just talking about “Lord of the Rings” magical – to upskill, to broaden your knowledge, and to find creative ways to kickstart or level up in your career.

1 The Trusted Advisor

2. Customer Success: How Innovative Companies are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue

3. The Effortless Experience: Conquering the new Battleground for Customer Loyalty.

You can go the post and read the various points to these three books, I’ve found them both very interesting to read..

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