What’s in a name?

Here at Data McFly, we love our name, but we get asked every time if we’re related to Data or Marty McFly, which leads us to go into the history of our name:

When we first built the API that would become Data McFly, we called it DataGarde, but there’s already a similarly named company, so then the project became Mongoly, but that never felt right either, so finally after demoing our API to some developers, they gave us this comment:

Your API makes our data fly

From there, we grew into Data McFly, but since we don’t want to keep telling this story every single time, we’ve decided to have a name change. And the name itself took a lot of thought, before we settled on one that worked.

Data McFly is still the company behind our service, but starting today, our service is known as FlyBase, while the current URLs still work, as well as the current libraries, we’ll also be releasing our libraries to use the new FlyBase URLs.

Future development will be done on our new Flybase libraries and we’ve got some exciting things planned on our roadmap, the first being the ability to take your code offline and still sync when back online, a feature heavily requested from our mobile javascript users.

Our new github is https://github.com/flybaseio, where all our libraries are stored, while our original Github https://github.com/DataMcFly will remain as is, and be used for other projects.

Our twitter has been renamed to flybaseio, our original Datamcfly handle is still there, it’s just not getting used as heavily

We’re still moving some samples and tutorials over, but they’ll come together shortly, remember all code still works, we haven’t killed any existing libraries or API URLs, we’ve just grown up a little 🙂

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