Why I Use a JavaScript Style Guide and Why You Should Too

Mark Brown:

Let’s take a look at JavaScript Standard Style by @feross, a JavaScript style guide that’s gaining popularity. It may help you reduce friction on teams and increase programmer happiness.

It’s a set of rules to make JavaScript code more consistent and can prevent boring discussion of the merits of tabs over spaces. It’s one of many styles that you can adopt and sits in the same category as other JavaScript linters such as JSLint, JSHint and ESLint.

If you’re not sure what linters are, or why you’d need one, check out our comparison of JavaScript linting tools

We use a JavaScript Style Guide of our own, based on the Airbnb Style Guide.

Style guides are powerful and handy, as more developers come onboard and use your tools, then it’s easier to pick up when other developers left off.

Source: https://www.sitepoint.com/why-use-javascript-style-guide/

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