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Build a real-time stats Dashboard with Flybase

Flybase’s real-time events systems lets us push all kinds of data to the browser. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to build a real-time analytics dashboard using Flybase and just a couple lines of javascript. To keep things simple we’ll capture the page URL and a couple of browser capabilities using Modernizr (modernizr.com). That information will be sent to the server using a Flybase connection. This is entirely client-side, and no data will be saved to your Flybase app. In anothe


Let’s talk about Product Management

I spent over a decade as a product manager at a number of different companies. One thing I realized was how little we talked about the job of product management. I rarely met product managers from other companies.


Why Everyone Should Spend Time in Customer Service

Good customer support matters. Great customer support sets you apart. It’s not a growth hack or a hush-hush marketing scheme; it’s common sense. People like to be treated like people.


A Lesson In A/B Testing

"We’ve always felt strongly that we should share our lessons in business and technology with the world, and that includes both our successes and our failures. We’ve written about some great successes: how we’ve improved support response time, sped up applications, and improved reliability. Today I want to share an experience that wasn’t a success."


Code Values

Adam Wiggins, one of the co-founders of Heroku, and one of the authors of The 12 Factor App content, has a gist that contains his Heroku Values.


Creating a Click to Call Call Center with Flybase, Twilio Client and Node.js

This post will cover some interesting areas of both Flybase and Twilio, we’re going to build a “Click to Call” Call Center, where visitors to a page displaying products can click a product and begin a Twilio client call with agents on another web page.


What will the automated workplace look like?

If you haven’t read about it in the Times http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/17/books/review/rise-of-the-robots-and-shadow-work.html?_r=1 or heard about it on NPR http://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2015/05/18/407648886/attention-white-collar-workers-the-robots-are-coming-for-your-jobs yet, you are soon going to be replaced by a robot at your job. All the jobs we thought were safe because they required experience and nuance can now be done by computers. Martin Ford, author of the b


The Road Coders Survival Kit

Rob Spectre road this post for the Twilio Blog https://www.twilio.com/blog/2014/03/the-road-coders-survival-kit.html, a little over a year ago, but it’s something that holds true here for the Data McFly crew as we hit the road for conferences such as Future Insights Live https://futureinsightslive.com/las-vegas-2015/ this week. Your friendly neighborhood Twilio developer evangelism crew racks up a fair amount of road time around the world in our continuing mission to see the incredible st


How Startups are like origami

Every Startup Has Folds – A look at the unique perspective origami can bring to the tech startup world. I’ve been passionate about Origami, the art of paper folding, since around the age of seven. It fascinates me because origami turns an everyday object like paper into something unique that can be shared. Its influence can be seen in our email startup Paperfold, which features folds prominently in its user interface. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how some of the concepts and ideas in or


Introducing Incoming Webhooks

Getting your data into your Flybase apps is important, and we’re happy to provide multiple channels to do this.


A Story About The Trouble with Job Titles and Descriptions

Lara Schenck https://twitter.com/laras126: I’ve been self-employed for the past three years. Though I did spend my first year out of college working for a three person, now-defunct startup, I’ve never had a typical 9-5 (or more like 10-8 nowadays) and to be honest, never really wanted one. Lara Schenck, LLC is a profitable business, and every day I do work that is enjoyable and challenging. I make my own hours, take vacations when I want to, and run everything on my terms. While that’s all


How We Use Haikus To Name Our Apps

When you create an app inside Data McFly, we assign a unique name to it, this isn’t used much by you, our users, yet but we use it internally for various things. The names we generate follow a haiku style, similar to that used by heroku.com when you create an app. Which means our internal app names will appear like delicate-dawn-13061 or something similar. The dictionary we use is bigger, but here is a good example of how our haiku generator works below: function haiku(){ var adjs = "au


Why Your Apps Want A Real-Time Backend: 4 Point Plan

Building a Real-Time Backend for your app changes how you build your apps. I don’t just mean iOS or Android apps, I’m also talking about websites as well. What does a real-time backend mean? To answer this question, let’s talk about when websites first came out. They were generally described as pamphlet types of websites that sometimes had catalogs attached to them, then with the advent of languages like PHP, Ruby, Perl and other early CGI forerunners, we started making our web sites more in


Using Chrome DevTools to Debug JavaScript in Any Browser with Ghostlab 2

Modern desktop browsers offer powerful integrated developer tools that let you get to the bottom of CSS or JavaScript problems quickly. Whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari, you will be able to inspect the DOM, apply CSS modifications in real-time, browse through loaded script files, set breakpoints to manually control the flow of execution and trace any exception or unexpected behaviour to its cause. Now while that’s true for desktop browsers, it’s a little more difficu


When Coding Gets Hard

John Schnettgoecke: I had one of those want-to-pull-your-hair-out days on Monday. My brain seemed to fail me more often than I could count, and I was awake until 4:00 a.m early on Tuesday morning, mostly just sitting at my kitchen table tinkering unsuccessfully with a couple of projects. I was caught somewhere in the middle between incredible enthusiasm and incredible stupidity — with every passing minute, it swung more toward the latter. You see, I actually wanted to be awake at that ungodl


Early Product Metrics

Ben Erez Traction. It’s a hot buzzword tossed around the startup ecosystem as an umbrella term to encompass the idea that your company is picking up steam. Traction is a positive indicator to the major stakeholders you have as a founder: investors, employees, customers, and of course – you. Think of traction as an agreed-upon way to gauge how it’s going. With the right amount of traction: * early investors are happy (value of their equity increases) * fundraising is easier (product/marke

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