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CSS Naming Conventions that Will Save You Hours of Debugging

Ohans Emmanuel: I have heard lots of developers say they hate CSS. In my experience, this comes as a result of not taking the time to learn CSS. CSS isn’t the prettiest ‘language,’ but it has successfully powered the styling of the web for over 20 years now. Not doing too badly, huh? However, as you write more CSS, you quickly see one big downside. It is darn difficult to maintain CSS. Poorly written CSS will quickly turn into a nightmare. Ohans makes some interesting points about about


We’re not giving browsers enough credit…

Christian Heilmann: A browser needs to enable people of all different abilities to reach what they came for. And ability isn’t a fixed state but fluctuates with environment and external influences. We don’t give browser makers enough credit for this amazing experience, as it is — like all good UX — invisible. Christian gives us a good example of all browsers do, they do get underestimated as the main tool that is open every day.


Let's bury the hussle

I love Gary Vaynerchuk dearly. So much of his message about patience and perseverance is completely in line with how I view the world. But I can’t take any more odes to “the hustle”. Like most banners, it either dies in obscurity or lives long enough to become perverted. In the early days, I chose to interpret “the hustle” as a way for those with very little to outsmart those with a lot through clever steps. Finding leverage where you had none. Doing things that weren’t supposed to scale or e


The hidden costs of indecision

Geoffrey Keating: You might have have heard the story of Buridan’s Ass https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buridan%27s_ass (no laughing down the back), the story of a donkey stuck between two identical stacks of hay. Because the donkey lacks any reason to choose one over the other, it cannot decide which one to eat, and so starves to death. Our setting isn’t the farmyard but the meeting room. Picture the following scene: eight people in a room endlessly debating over a whiteboard, weighing up on


Before You Launch A Startup, Learn This

Nathan Kontny: My 2011 startup with Y Combinator imploded, largely because we couldn’t get enough traction. What was I going to do next? And more importantly, how was I going to avoid repeating my mistakes? .. It’s happened for me. I went from that miserable failure of a startup to realizing I needed to get better at audience building before my next venture. And so I practiced my craft of writing and storytelling on my blog. One article a week. Tell a good story. Me or someone else figuri


How To Build A More Candid Think Tank Culture At Work

When was the last time you got completely unfiltered feedback? Do you dread presenting your big projects to your team because you fear their harsh critique? With so much at stake, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to play it safe rather than to take a risk. The problem is, playing it safe leads to work that’s average at best. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Research into feedback abounds, and countless companies are stepping forward to share what works for them. Ed Catmull, co-fo


Einstein's Advice On How To Be Happy

As an entrepreneur, I know you are not in business just to make money. You’re also in business because you think it will make you happier. With this in mind, you may be interested in the following true story. Albert Einstein is known as one of the smartest guys in history. And one of the wisest. (They don’t always go together) In fact still today, decades after his death, his brilliant quotes about life appear worldwide.


Jason Fried: Enough with the actionable advice, already

Jason Fried https://m.signalvnoise.com/inactionable-advice-72a6c5828589: Enough with the actionable advice, already. Let’s see some questionable advice instead. Rather than guide with steps, stump with challenges. Fewer answers, more questions. Less following, more foraging. More wonder, less known. Figure it out yourself.


The right way to respond to feature requests

Even the best products with the most passionate users will have these “success gaps” – a disparity between your product and the user’s desired outcome. It’s easy to respond to these feature requests with a generic “Keep an eye on Twitter for updates” response or a pre-canned “We’ll pass your feedback onto the product team” message, but we’ve found that it’s valuable to mine these feature requests for deeper information so that you fully understand what the customer is trying to achieve. That


Excuses, excuses

Claire Lew: I was on the phone with a CEO the other week. He wanted my advice for how he could cultivate a more open, transparent company culture for his team. This CEO seemed to be already doing a lot of the right things. He held monthly all-hands meetings to get everyone on the same page. He also regularly asked questions to his employees about what could be better in the company. However, when I recommended one question that he ask his employees, he was a bit taken aback. > > “You want


Cracking the Code on Startup Product Pricing Strategies

If idea validation is about taking your business idea for a test-drive, then pricing your product is where the rubber really hits the road. This is it. You’re done piloting. You’re done validating. You’re really done living on Ramen in an apartment you share with five roommates. You’re ready to come out and tell the world: “I have a product or service that provides value – and this is how much my product is worth.” Needless to say, product pricing strategy is an essential piece of the startu


Write like you talk

Nathan Kontny: A handful of years ago I was volunteering for an organization here in Chicago where we helped high school kids prepare for their college applications. These kids were the first in their families, often underprivileged, to be applying to college. One Saturday I met a student who wanted help editing his application essay. We went over to the computer lab and he pulled up a draft he’s been struggling with. The essay was fine. It read grammatically well. But it was terrible. It


Naming a new product? Start with the job.

A name can help people create a mental model for your product, which helps them to remember and associate your product with a particular job. Other factors come into play, including how a name sounds, and how distinctive, appropriate, likable, extendable, and protectable it is. But most important is that the name is remembered and understood. So to choose a memorable name for a product, you can start with the jobs you want people to remember it for. A good lesson on product naming from the


Scan your projects for crossenv and other malicious npm packages

Dominik Kundel, writing for the Twilio Blog: On August 1st, Oscar Bolmsten tweeted about how he found a malicious npm package called crossenv that https://twitter.com/o_cee/status/892306836199800836 scans for environment variables https://www.twilio.com/blog/2017/01/how-to-set-environment-variables.htmland POSTs them to a server. This is particularly dangerous considering that you might have secret credentials for different services stored in your environment variables https://www.twi


Larry Ellison: "When people start telling you that you’re crazy..."

Larry Ellison http://www.businessinsider.com/larry-ellison-usc-commencement-speech-2016-5/#at-some-point-its-not-about-the-money-at-some-point-you-cant-spend-all-of-it-trust-me-ive-tried-ellison-is-known-for-his-lavish-lifestyle-and-collection-of-cars-airplanes-art-and-real-estate--including-the-hawaiian-island-of-lanai-1 : When people start telling you that you’re crazy, you just might be on to the most important innovation in your life. This quote is from an speech Larry did back in 201


FreshBooks’ Mike McDerment says “building your own competitor” is effective way to solve business problems

Amira Zubairi, writing for BetaKit: At the latest FinTechTO, Mike McDerment, CEO and co-founder of FreshBooks, discussed the challenges teams face when re-platforming within a software company. He also offered tips on how entrepreneurs can successfully execute a redesign. McDerment kicked off his presentation by giving an overview of how he co-founded FreshBooks, a cloud-based accounting platform that allows users to send invoices, track time, manage receipts, expenses, and accept credit car


Introducing outgoing webhooks

Today we’re announcing outgoing webhooks – a long awaited feature that will notify your websites and apps whenever data changes occur. This opens up a new range of possible integrations Adding outgoing webhooks means you can get notified directly in slack or elsewhere when new records are added, when records are updated or deleted. To create an outgoing webhook, just click webhooks in the dropdown: Then edit the form: Hit Save and when you save a new record with our API, we will send no


Jason Fried on One Door at a Time

Entrepreneurs are told to go big or go home. Stop obsessing over scale, and perfect the basics instead. .. But now, entrepreneurship seems like a sport. And the score depends on scale. How big can you get? How fast can you get big? How much power can you amass in the shortest possible time? We’ve prided ourselves on staying mostly small, it lets us focus on things that might fall through the cracks other wise.


Building the Best Relationships We Can

Alison Groves: > Maslow had it wrong. To get it right, we have to move social needs to the bottom of his pyramid. -Matthew Lieberman (Professor of Social Cognitive Neuroscience at UCLA and author of the book Social https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0307889106/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) Babies would die without their caregivers at birth. Study after study show the pain and ill we go through when we are isolated from others like us. As humans, we are wired to connect to one a


AngelList launches Intros for Canada to give startups access to angels

AngelList has launched Intros for Canada to give more startups access to seed-stage funding through the network. Intros will work like the first AngelList product http://venturehacks.com/articles/angellist launched in 2010, where companies could apply to be introduced to a curated list of angels. > “The Canadian market feels like the Valley 15 years ago. It is on the cusp of creating world-beating companies in AI, blockchain, and other technology fields,” said Naval Rakivant, co-founder of

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