The hidden costs of indecision

Before You Launch A Startup, Learn This

How To Build A More Candid Think Tank Culture At Work

Einstein’s Advice On How To Be Happy

Jason Fried: Enough with the actionable advice, already

The right way to respond to feature requests

Excuses, excuses

Cracking the Code on Startup Product Pricing Strategies

Write like you talk

Naming a new product? Start with the job.

Scan your projects for crossenv and other malicious npm packages

Larry Ellison: “When people start telling you that you’re crazy”

FreshBooks’ Mike McDerment says “building your own competitor” is effective way to solve business problems

Introducing outgoing webhooks

Jason Fried on One Door at a Time

Building the Best Relationships We Can

AngelList launches Intros for Canada to give startups access to angels


How to fix errors in production with GitHub and Sentry

Seth Godin: Better than it needs to be

From Jekyll to Ghost

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