Healthchecks and Heartbearts

Scaling Growth

10 weeks of YC Startup School Founder Track

Building Production-Ready CSS Grid Layouts Today

The Programmer’s Oath

Lyndon Johnson on Building a PR strategy for your start up

How to start

Getting Your Idea Going: How to Validate a Business Idea the Right Way

Invent the Future

Don’t “empower” anybody.

What makes a programming language cool?

Unnecessary Qualifiers

How to Boss

Build a Status Page powered by Github and Uptime Robot

Unlock honest feedback with this one word

Seth Godin: Drawing a line in the sand

Uncovering the why behind customer questions

All or something

Betakit’s Open Letter from the Canadian Tech Community

Build a real-time SMS group chat tool with Flybase, Twilio, Node.js and Heroku

How do I know if I have product-market fit?

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