A Lesson In A/B Testing

Seven Properties of Effective Messages

Watch Slack’s Simon Vallee Explain What Makes a Beautiful and Highly-usable Product

Putting On The Shipping Goggles

Adding Search to Jekyll on Github Pages

Code Values

Cloning with Flybase and Angular.js

The Right Way to Ship Software

5 Questions Every Unit Test Must Answer

A Few Updates

Rocketships & Bicycles

Creating a Click to Call Call Center with Flybase, Twilio Client and Node.js

11 Encouraging Quotes for Entrepreneurs Facing Challenges

UX Is a Canary in a Coal Mine

The Only Competitor That Matters

Choosing the Right JavaScript Framework for the Job

Client-side Facebook login with Flybase and Hello.js

Finally a way to explain iaas, paas, saas etc in a way anybody understands

Microservices, have you met DevOps?

A Way To Prioritize Customer Ideas For Your Product

9 Thought-Provoking Quotes About Work-Life Balance

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